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Membership certificate of Society of Waterloo given by William-Frederic-Charles, Prince of Netherlands to Dr. John Harry on payment of 5 florins, at Brussels, May 19, 1800.

Certificate of His Majesty King of Netherlands naming Harry a knight of Order of Netherlands.

Certificate of recognition of John Harry by Medical-Surgical Academy in St. Petersburg.

Certificate issued by Guy's Hospital that John Harry has attended courses on physiology.

Certificate signed by John Haighton confirming that John Harry has attended two courses on theory and practice of midwifery.

Document issued by St. Thomas Hospital in London to certify that Harry has diligently attended lectures on surgery.

Certificate signed by Wm. Babington, MD, & James Curry, MD, that John Harry has attended two courses of lectures on theory and practice of medicine, and Therapeutics & Materia Medica.

Document to certify that Mr. John Harry diligently attended two courses in dissections. Top of the document is torn. Signed by Henry Cline and Astley Cooper.

Certificate from the Guy's Hospital in London certifiyng that Mr. John Harry has diligently attended practice of surgery as a pupil.
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