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Certificate from the Guy's Hospital in London certifiyng that Mr. John Harry has diligently attended practice of surgery as a pupil.

Document to certify that Mr. John Harry diligently attended two courses in dissections. Top of the document is torn. Signed by Henry Cline and Astley Cooper.

Certificate signed by Wm. Babington, MD, & James Curry, MD, that John Harry has attended two courses of lectures on theory and practice of medicine, and Therapeutics & Materia Medica.

Document issued by St. Thomas Hospital in London to certify that Harry has diligently attended lectures on surgery.

Certificate signed by John Haighton confirming that John Harry has attended two courses on theory and practice of midwifery.

Certificate issued by Guy's Hospital that John Harry has attended courses on physiology.

Passport # 196 issued by Imperial Russian government to John Harry permitting him to travel as a courier of the British Ambassador in Russia to the main headquarters of the King of Prussia and then to London. Same text in Russian and German…

Document (podorozhnaya) # 4257 issued to John Harry with the permission to travel from St. Petersburg to Palangen as a courier of the British Ambassador in St. Petersburg.

Passport issued by Granville Leveson Ljonier(?), councellor to British Ambassador in St. Petersburg, signed by Charles Stuart, Minister Plenipotentiary, to John Harry, to go as a courier to King of Prussia and from there to London with dispatches.

Passport # 294 issued St. Petersburg and signed by Graf N. Rumiantsev for wife of John Harry to enter Russia. In German with notes in Russian made by border service officers in Kronstadt.
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