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Journal of an overland voyage from Petersburg to Peking


This manuscript is presumable a fair copy of Dr. John Harry's diary with the descriptuion of his voyage from St. Petersburg to Peking. The page numbers do not correspond with the original flow of the text, therefore they are re-arranged in chronological order. Transcript for each page are provided. The manuscript includes descriptions and details that are missing from the draft diary of Dr. Harry.


Remarks during a journey from Petersburg to Peking

The manuscript is a diary and travel notes of Dr. John Harry completed during his journey from St. Petersburg to Peking in the Embassy to China headed by Count Yuri Golovkin in 1805-1806. The pages are arranged in chronological order. Notes related to 1806 are places at the end. They were made when Harry was returning to St. Petersburg from Siberia. Transcript for each page is provided.


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