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Remarks during a journey from Petersburg to Peking

The manuscript is a diary and travel notes of Dr. John Harry completed during his journey from St. Petersburg to Peking in the Embassy to China headed by Count Yuri Golovkin in 1805-1806. The pages are arranged in chronological order. Notes related to 1806 are places at the end. They were made when Harry was returning to St. Petersburg from Siberia. Transcript for each page is provided.


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Remarks on Hospitals and Lazarets in the Russian Empire

The manuscript is a report compiled by Dr. John Harry during his travel to Siberia in the Embassy of Count Golovkin. It concerns the state of health care and medical institutions in the Russian Empire. There is no title on the original document. Transcript for each page is provided.

On John Harry's mission, see the article published in the Canadian Bulletin of Medical History.

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